Debut Album 




My debut album, ''The Ocean Knows''

represents a proces of growth, discovery and experimentation,

Leaving space for improvisation yet committing to a clear vision.

I'm introducing you to a myriad of my loves,








beginnings & endings

intensity & tenderness

pain & fear

longing & joyfulness








The music reflects these dual feelings with a flowing nature and underneath the surface you’ll find layers of irregular and compelling motion.  

~A subtle mixture of soul and pop with jazz elements~

Together with these lovely people and wonderful musicians/artist:










Alba Gil Aceytuno - Alto Sax

Daniël Font - Guitar

Raphaël Royer - E & Double bass

David Puime - Drums 

Tamara Baas - Vocals, guitar & composition

Production: Kaan Yazici

Artwork: Sharon Shreiber & Thierry Emmery





Animation credits - Something Special Celia Swart 










“Tamarae’s music is a bridge to another world but at the same time to her closest self. The music is a combination of power, elegance and impactful vulnerability.”












“Tamara Baas, aka Tamarae, is import-Hagenaar en veelzijdig creatief talent. Haar nieuwste single, 'Photographs', kwam begin deze maand uit met bijbehorende zelfgemaakte videoclip, geschoten op het Zuiderstrand. Beeld en geluid werken samen in een betoverend geheel, balancerend op het randje tussen rust en spanning.”

3voor12 Den-Haag 











“…on her way to not only formulate an original sound but then selecting musicians who are going to take the journey with her. Tamara Baas, vocals and guitar, alto sax Alba Gil Aceytuno, on guitar Dani Font, bass Raphaël Royer and drums David Puime. This is Something Special. I love that voice. And the arrangement doesn’t flood it out, even the balance with the sax is so carefully crafted. Great production decisions and melody everywhere! A real treat.”

Linley Hamilton, BBC Jazz World


Picture by Sharon Shreiber